Non Smokers How to Fight Against the Secondhand Smoke

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Do you like smoking? If you do, you must have one to protect your family against the secondhand smoke. Please be a thoughtful smoker. Don’t you like smoking? If you don’t, you will also need it to protect yourselves because the second hand smoke can be even more harmful. What product is it? It can be both suitable for smokers and non-smokers?

Yes, the full name of this product is USB air purifier carbon filter smokeless ashtray. How does it work? It can be powered by a USB power cable, which is included in the package. Maybe you don’t always use it near the computer, it doesn’t matter, it can also powered by 2 AA batteries. It is very simple to use. Open the cover, then you have turned on the red LED indicator, it will begin working.

When you turn on the USB ashtray, the built-in fan will ensure fast and effective absorbing of smoke, the active carbon will filter out harmful smoke from cigarettes. Then the smoke will pass through the filter and be absorbed by carbon. So you can use it to decrease smoke and odors around the desk. If someone smokes around you, just have one to absorb harmful smoke.

The USB Ashtray is easy to clean, just take out the ashtray slot and pour out the cigarette ash. For the non-smokers, maybe it is not always useful. It doesn’t matter, it is in cute design, so it can also be a decoration in your car, home or even on your desk.

Have such a smokeless ashtray, It can keep your home, car or office environment clean and smoke free, especially when and where there are children around. It is so perfect, right? Why not buy one as the gifts for your friends and family?


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