Magical Tool –Alcohol Tester (Is it for you?)


According to the survey of the World Health Organization, it’s about 50% ~ 60% traffic accidents involving a drunk driver in the world. So alcohol breathalyzer testers are more and more popular. Typically, they are used as law enforcement tool, but now, it is also hot among many common drivers. After all, buying a alcohol tester is a way of self-alert. That’s because it can test out the concentration of alcohol in the blood from the exhaled breath, and also can give results in a short time.

From the outside, there is nothing special about the alcohol tester. It generally consists of a mouthpiece, a tube and a bore which can form through the gas. Other more advanced equipment, will be different because the instrument is based on the principle of different tests. But only from the operating, this is really a magical tool. Some one Who tested only deeply breath to blow mouth, after ten seconds, it will be able to show the concentration of alcotor in the blood.

Currently, alcohol breathalyzer testers which are used by the police are basically using the same principle, that is, the alcohol concentration in blood will be show a certain percentage relationaship between and the alcohol concentration in exhaled breath. When people drink, the alcohol is absorbed, but will not be digested, a part of the alcohol evaporates out through the alveoli, in vitro re being exhaled. It was determined that th ratio of the alcohol concentration in exhaled breath and the alcohol concentration ratio in blood is 2100:1, it means that the amount of 2100ml alcohol in breath, is equal to 1ml alcohol in blood. With this ratio, through measuring the alcohol of driver’s breath, traffic police can soonly calculate the alcohol content in blood. If there is no “help” of the alcohol tester, the police only through blood tests or urine tests to determine whether the driver drink or not, but this inspection will outlay of 1-2 days.

At present, there are two kinds of limitting drunk driving which are accepted by internation, one is “drunk driving”, the other is “driving under the influence”. According to the provisions of the amendment in 2003, when the driver per milliliter of blood alcohol content is greater than or equal to 0.2mg, the traffic police will be identified as “driving under the influence”; If it is greater than or equal to 0.8mg, they will be found As “drunk driving. ” But both are considered illegal to drive.

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