Keep Your Laptop Cool in Summer.

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Summer is a good season to go swimming. But for most of the time, it is just too hot, it makes us suffering so much from the heat. Now I am going to make a detailed introduction about the USB Fan Cooler which can largely ease your problem.

This USB Fan Cooler is in a unique design. Can you imagine that it is bladeless, so it is safe and convenient, it is also suitable for baby carriages and does no harm to children. And it is in mini shape, it looks very cute and elegant. And it is also very easy to use. There comes with a hight quality reusable sponge. As soon as you put the soaked and frozen sponge into the cooler body, insert batteries or connect USB port, and it can begin to work for you. Furthermore, if you want to have some nice smelling with the refreshing breeze from the cooler, you can just add some drops of fragrance into the spronge and the output air will be nice-smelling. How perfect it is!

This USB Fan Cooler is in lightweight, as light as 157g, so it is easy to carry around. It can be USB or battery powered, it is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. So you can enjoy breeze and moisture of spring anytime anywhere with it. And there are two working modes: both cooling & fan mode and fan mode,if you don’t need the cooling function,?you can just take the sponge away.

There are 4 colors for this USB Fan Cooler, we totally have blue, pink, purple and green available. So don’t you think it can be a fashionable and beautiful gift for your friends and yourself?


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