How To Set Up IP Camera In Your Room


There are tons of reasons about that why you should place an IP Camera in your room to enhance the security of your home. Once you have decide which kind of IP Camera you are planing to buy, then you should decide on which room or rooms could benefit from the most. The great thing about an IP camera set up is that it can be placed anywhere. So, the question is where you to put them and how to set up them. Let us discuss these in the following.

IP Camera

Of course not in every scenario will you have multiple cameras and you might only have one to play with. In this case you will need to be more choosey about where you place the device. As a rule you will want to point your camera at your most valuable item or area – so you might buy an IP camera in order to put it in a storage warehouse and ensure that you keep it fixed on there so that you don’t have your stock stolen or your materials. Alternatively you might want to point your camera at a safe where you keep cash, or perhaps at the till where lots of money will also be coming and going.

IP Camera

The very meaning of the word IP camera is Internet Protocol camera which refers to the fact that it works via a wireless transmission and that as such, you can place it literally anywhere without having to worry about wires crossing the room etc. Of course while this gives you much more freedom, it also means you get a lot more confusion when it comes to deciding precisely where to place your devices.

The solution is to first of all place your cameras ‘high up’. There are several reasons for this, the first one being that placing your camera high up will of course get you the best view of the room, by giving you a kind of birds eye view so that you can fit more in and ensuring that the camera’s view of the room isn’t blocked by any large furniture or any people milling around as it might otherwise be.

When you have your IP camera high up however this does not mean that you should try and hide it so that the trespassers do not know it’s there. This is actually to remove one of the great benefits of using an IP camera as when an IP camera is visible it acts as a deterrent meaning hopefully that no one will try to break into your property for fear that they might be caught on camera, and so having your camera operational could convince them to think again.

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