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Integrity of the upgrade is obvious Redmi Note 8 evaluation


At the end of last month, Redmi released two phones, Redmi Note 8 and Note 8 Pro, for a price of $209.99. The $200 market is the most important market for Redmi and the foundation of Redmi, so the two phones have also been given high hopes and will be the explosion of the $200 mobile phone in the second half of the year. And whether Redmi Note 8 can take up this important task, let’s take a look.


If you asked 2 years ago, what kind of mobile phone can I buy for $200? Maybe your first impression will be: cheap plastic body of big plastic, weak performance, camera that can only scan the code…

Redmi Note 8 now gives the answer, glass material, 90% of the screen ratio and colorful gradient body. If you don’t pay attention to the $200 mobile phone, you will be surprised that the original $209.99 can buy such a textured phone.

Indeed, even if it is now, the $209.99 mobile phone that can use 2.5D glass is still very few. Basically, one hand can count, plus the three colors of Dream Blue, Moonlight White and Meteorite Black, the texture of the whole machine. Both the face value and the face value are worthy of even exceeding this price.

The screen size of Redmi Note 8 is 6.3-inch drop screen, 2340*1080 resolution, support for German Rhine Eye certification and sun screen. Although the texture is excellent, the feel of the Redmi Note 8 is average, and the price is still a bicycle.

Limited to the cost factor, Redmi Note 8 uses a rear fingerprint, the back of the camera is also very prominent, but retains the infrared and headphone holes, and uses the Type-C interface.

Take a photo

Redmi Note 8 is set to four shots, respectively, for 48 million main shots (f/1.79, 0.8um, 1/2 inch sensor) + 8 million super wide angle (f/2.2, 120°) + 2 million macro lens (f /2.4) + 2 million depth of field (f/2.4). The front lens is 13 million pixels, f / 2.0, support for beauty, face recognition and so on.

Everyday, Redmi Note 8 generally uses four-in-one 12-megapixel imaging, and the specific imaging effect is not bad. In this environment of trees and buildings, the layering of the picture is very good. . The white balance is also relatively accurate, and the blue sky and the color of the trees are all restored very well.

However, the picture quality of 12 million pixels is really not enough at present. It is okay on the mobile phone. Once it is placed on the computer, the resolution will be lowered immediately. Of course, if you just take photos and send friends or microblogs, it will definitely have no effect.

For the problem of insufficient clarity, Redmi Note 8 supports 48 million pixels, and the clarity of the photos taken is naturally high, but the gap is not as big as everyone thinks. The above picture shows the comparison of 12 million pixels and 48 million pixels. It can be seen that after zooming in, the brightness of the screen is undoubtedly better than 48 million pixels. In addition, there is no difference in white balance between the two.

Super wide angle, red frame is the normal mode view range

Redmi Note 8 supports a super wide angle of 12 million pixels, and there is no distortion at the edge of the image. The availability is very high. Of course, the picture will have some impact, and it is enough to look at the phone. At the same time, the saturation of the picture will be higher under the super wide angle.

Redmi Note 8 is equipped with a 2 million macro lens, the closest focusing distance can reach 2cm, so the photos taken at close range are still very shocking. However, since the pixel is limited to only 2 million, it can only be seen on the mobile phone.

Configuration & battery life

Configuration, Redmi Note 8 is equipped with Snapdragon 665 processor, there are 4 +64GB/6+64GB/6+128GB three kinds of storage.

Since Qualcomm launched the Snapdragon 700 series, the Snapdragon 600 series has gradually slipped into the middle and low end. Snapdragon 665 is the upgrade of the previous hot Snapdragon 660. The efficiency 665 upgrade is mainly on the GPU. The Adreno 520 of the Snapdragon 660 is upgraded to the Adreno 610. It is the GPU’s first to enter the 6 series Snapdragon 600 processor.

Ann Bunny ran on the score, and the score of 骁龙665 was 169,184 points. It can be seen that the score is not very high. As for the game, “Peace Elite” can basically run smoothly under the balanced picture quality, but as for the higher quality, don’t think about it.

On the battery life, the Snapdragon 665 has a built-in combination of 4000mAh battery + 18W fast charge. At this price point, it is a conscience. Although Redmi Note 8 has made trade-offs in many places, it is still very useful in some practical places such as battery life and fast charge. sincerely.

to sum up

As can be seen from Redmi Note 8, the quality of the $200 mobile phone has indeed been greatly upgraded, and it has not been simple enough in terms of screen, camera and performance, and it has even reached a level of ease of use. Of course, Redmi Note 8 is relatively different in terms of design and workmanship. There are 64GB versions in the current photo of dozens of 20 trillion, it is not enough, if you choose to recommend 128GB version.

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