Independence Day of Brazil

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1500 years, Portuguese navigator Pedro Cabral, the rate of the expedition to Brazil, since called “the Holy Cross to give here. Later, two kinds of precious red dye can be extracted from trees found in tropical forests of the coast, they put here called “Brazil”. “Brazil” in Portuguese, that is mahogany mean. September 7, 1822, Brazil announced completely out of Portugal and independent, and the establishment of the Brazilian Empire, the age of 24 years, Peter Luo Yishi became the Brazil King, then Brazil Independence Day was born, all Brazilian will participate in the festivities every year.

In 1888, the slavery was abolished by Brazilian Empire. The next year, the fall of the monarchy, Brazil set up the Federal Republic. In 1891, the first framers of the Constitution, be named the country of Brazil America, the country name was changed to Federative Republic of Brazil in 1969.

Brazil is the largest country in South America. Atlantic Ocean, and borders all South American countries except Chile and Ecuador. An area of ??over 8.51 million square km, accounting for almost half of the total area of South America. And we know that Brazil is the economic power of Latin America. It’s known as “coffee kingdom”, coffee production and export volume accounted is the first in the world.

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