Put On The Hat Hidden Spy Camera, Record As You Want


We always meet such occasions that we want to record something but we don’t want others discover our recording, we need take recording secretly in various places, such as when we are not in home, we can put a hidden spy camera to help us monitor our home. When we are attend an important party, hidden spy camera can play an important role in recording. I am sure this is the main reason that why spy video camera are so popular.

Hidden Spy Camera

The hat hidden spy camera is one the hottest camera of 2011, it has low cost and portable, HD capability, Can record color video and audio. When you wear this normal looking hat, it lets you record exactly what you are want to record. Unlike other spy cameras on the market, the hat hidden spy camera utilizes a pinhole camera that is virtually undetectable. In fact, the lens is so small, you would likely need a magnifying glass to see it. Not only does it have the capability to take still photos, but the hat hidden spy camera is also a completely self contained covert video recording system. Each hat hidden spy camera features a high grade CCD video camera and a digital video recorder.

Let the hat see what you see. Each hidden spy camera has its camera positioned dead center. No adjusting or having to hold your head in odd angles to get the shots you need. It sees what you see. And, with an 80 degree FOV (field or view), the hat can literally take in the whole view. Since everything is contained in the hat, no more do you have to worry about messing with bulky wires or tedious connections, or even worry about an intercepted wireless transmission. Just put the hat on, wear it to the occasion to be recorded, and you are set. With the hat hidden spy camera you are now ready to conduct your own secret video operation.

I love these hat spy cameras very much, they are helpful tools in my daily livers. I have been used many spy cameras such as spy pen, spy watch, spy gum, spy sunglasses, of course the hat hidden spy camera which I love most. The feeling is cool, just put on my hat, I can record everything I want. If you think that a quality body worn spy camera costs a fortune then think again. You may get one for as little as few dollars only. Don’t wait any longer and check out China wholesale online store TOMTOP right now.

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