My Green Laser Pointer Flashlight


As we know, laser pointers have many kinds of colors, such as red, green, yellow, blue, etc, from which the red and green are the most popular types. Among the green laser pointers, they can be classified as many types according their wave length or output or others.Now I want to show you a 200mW 532nm green laser pointer flashlight that I bought online few days ago.

It is a mini green laser pointer flashlight, whose small compact design fits in the palm of the hand. I like small gadgets, so the flashlight agrees with me very much. It is very easy to operate, because I just need to push the button, and then I can see the bright and beautiful green light, especially in the darkness night, an obvious green streamer can be seen. As far as the light can reach the max distance of 12 miles, it is great for pointing things from long distances.

And of course it can be widely used in our daily lives and work. The light can point at any targets, such as photos, blackboard, video monitors and so on. However, I would like to use it to point at the screen when doing my presentations. As we know, human eyes are very sensitive to the green color and people can be attracted by it easily. So my presentations would be more wonderful and successful with it. Due to this function, it is suitable for teachers, professors, doctors, and etc. I once saw my teacher brought one to our classroom.

From the name of 200mW 532nm green laser pointer flashlight, we can know that its wave length is 532nm and the output is 200mw which is the max output. I have once heard that green light produced at a frequency of 532nm, when a laser is used to condense this light into a high output power and project the green laser beam is the brightest possible laser light frequency. Therefore it could be used to illuminate in the dark. The brightest light helps to see things clearly in the dark. I have never worried about seeing unclearly in the dark since I owned this flashlight.

Moreover, I do not need to worry about the battery, because on the one hand it provides the powerful batteries and the power saving is reliable. On the other hand, the battery is rechargeable. It lengthens its life time.

So far, I feel quite satisfied with it. All in all, I think I have bought a rihgt one. If anyone wants to buy one, read my description for referrence. Maybe you will buy a satisfying green laser pointer flashlight as I do.

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