Mini Focusable 200mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer Flashlight Torch


Flashlight is a really very practical and helpful gadget. It has been around since last many decades but with the passage of time new features have been introduced in it. In the past a torch or fire was used as a light source at night or in the dark . It was used while hunting or doing any work needed to be done in the area having low light conditions. Flashlight was introduced in order to replace torch as a source of light. Flashlights have continuously passed through the process of modification and many models have been introduced. Various companies try to bring new and improved flashlights. Nowadays you can see all kinds of flashlights such as mini torch, laser pointer flashlight, xeon torch, etc.

Green laser pointer flashlight is very different from other types of it. In traditional flashlights light bulb was used for providing light, LED was a great change in the world of flashlights and now with the introduction of laser pointer flashlights the convenience has increased. Green laser pointer light is a high power flashlight. Its beam is visible in sunlight as well as at night. It is a focusable flashlight the beam of light can point on any important points that needs emphasis, that is why it is best choice for professors, doctors and students as the consistently have to deal with presentations. The best part is its size. It is very small, practical and portable, that is why it is very simple and easy to use it. It is focusable flashlight and act as a mini torch. Some of the astonishing features of this incredible and remarkable wonder of technology are given below.

Laser Pointer
The Laser Pointer has 200mW 532nm power. This laser pointer makes it unique from other flashlights.

It has adjustable lens making it very convenient choice for professionals.

It cannot be used underwater but it is weather proof. Changes in weather doesn’t affect it, but submerging it in water should be avoided as it can harm normal functioning.

The laser light produced by this flashlight is clearly visible in the sunshine as well as dark. At night beam can be seen up to 12 miles away.

The beam is of very high intensity that it can fire a match within 10 sec. It can also burn paper and plastic bags, etc.

Casing of flashlight is strong and sealed which prevents dusts from going in. Thus it has a long life.

It is a very handy and easy to use flashlight. It’s practical, compact and very unproblematic to carry.
While using this flashlight it should be kept in mind to avoid direct contact with eyes as it can be very harmful.

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