Why garment steamer ironing is more and more popular?

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Garment Steamer Iron is also known as hanging iron, vertical iron. A machine which is able to hang to iron clothes or fabric. Garment Steamer contact with clothing and fabrics with hot water vapor which is internally generated by itself, so get the purpose of clothing and fabric to soften fibrous tissue, and through the “pull”, “pressure” “spray” and others actions to smooth clothes and fabrics, to make the clothing and fabric intact as new.

What are the Advantages:

1, The comparative advantage: Studies have shown that using the flat iron to press clothes, it will be easy to damage clothing fabric and often result in stiff fabrics and aging. However the Garment Steamer is suspended in a natural state for ironing, in the clothing their own gravity and high temperature steam (temperature at 98 degrees), can avoid directly damage to the fabric, and can quickly and easily ironed clothes, so make clothes bright as new and worn to keep the best shape.

2, The environmental advantages. When Steam Garment Steamer ironing clothes, the contact area with the (nozzle outlet area) is very far away from the steam source, the use of domestic water heat generated due to dirt will not be as flat iron or steam iron clothes brush as easy to stick spray to the clothes, but very far away completely retained in the bottom of the scale storage room heaters (at the bottom of the Garment Steamer heating furnace). Meanwhile, the high-temperature steam also has a dust removal, sterilization, disinfection effect.

3, The convenience advantages. After adding water the steamer can ironing more 50pcs clothes, so to the modern family, plusing one time water will be sufficient for more than a week, as we know the flat iron for “magnanimous” is too small, must be frequent add water. That’s the biggest reason why more and more people choose the Garment Steamer.

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