Double Pouch fixed on Bicycle Front Top

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Even a small Double Bicycle Pouch will be very useful on the road. All the little things you can take out of the pockets and put into it. You won’t forget your phone or the charger. So you can drive safely without fearing anything to lose.

The double pouch will be held on a bicycle with two velcro straps. One, also the bottom, clinging to the bicycle frame. And another is put on the pip. Very universal that this bag can be placed on any bike and it does not prevent while driving.

On the bag holder there is enough space to hold a cellphone up to 5.7 inches. You phone can be attached to a special transparent pocket located above, via which you can see everything that happens on the screen of your smartphone. Transparent plastic covering screen does not affect the sensitivity of the sensor. You can manage your gadget without taking it out of the holder.

The Double Bicycle Pouch can keep their shape due to solid material. Inside of the pockets there is an internal volume of 1.8 liters. The Material is fully waterproof. Even driving in the rainy day it won’t stop you from daily biking.


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