2.5-inch LCD Rotatable Wireless Remote DSLR Digital Viewfinder for Camera

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This wireless remote LCD viewfinder is the latest device brings photography to a new level, Designed to provide remote live video from the camera’s viewfinder in a 2.5″ color LCD . Gives you live view display and remote control of your camera from a distance.
A LiveView remote for a DSLR camera is a new cutting-edge concept, which expands functional boundaries for professional, as well as amateur photographers. Perfectly for cameras that lack one.

It allows you to shoot at difficult angles with it’s tilt & swivel LCD screen And shows the same info as your camera’s live view display, It‘s the perfect tool for product photography, portraits, weddings, macro, events, and more.


Self-portrait viewfinder
Can automatically transfer the live view mode of the camera (if the camera supports) on the LCD screen. Easily turn the lcd screen around 180 dgrees, you’ll see yourself in the display and snap away, Have a fun and take ease when under pressure!

Support High-angle position view.
With 2m extension cable, You’ll be able to capture those usually higher views with ease.

Support Low-angle position view.
Useful for low angle portraits, flowers, insects, and a multitude of other subjects than require you to “get down”.

Support Off-camera remote shutter release.
This function help you to take the shot far away from the camera, Gives you more mobility to get the shots you need.


Type: GT3C

Screen: 2.5 inch, 230,000 pixel, 16M colors definition

Rotates Angle: Counterclockwise 180°, clockwise 90°

Cable: 2m extension cable

Power: Rechargeable LIP Battery, 1000mAh (include)

Power Consumption: About 1W

Battery Life: 3 Hours (fully charged)

Working Temperature: 0-40℃

Item size: 83 * 66 * 45mm

Item weight: 110g

Package size: 15 * 14.5 * 7.5cm

Package weight: 420g

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