Pondering Caused By A Message: When Online Shopping Experience Credit Crisis


Yesterday, we received a special email from a customer. We are very surprised at this Message. In the message the customer apologized for giving us a poor rating, because he thought his purchase was not going to arrive as happened in the past by other overseas sellers. At last he told us that he has submitted a request to change the rating to 5 stars and will look forward to seeing what else we sell in the future.

When the wind of online shopping swept the world, you may find convenient, affordable “online shopping”, when great meet the desire for shopping, let you enjoy shopping,  sometimes will let you encounter an accident, fraud and lies. Online shopping, do you feel security integrity? Vast sea of Network, do you have to understand there are a wide variety of the latest version of technical fraud? Do you think that only a pair trained eyes to recognize fraudulent swindlers trick? When the online shopping experience credit crisis, what can we do?

As customer, in order to protect ourselves better, on the one hand we should purchase from reputable online stores, reliable businesses usually have been exist for  a long time and have many good ratings. “TOP 10 ANTI-SCAM Unique Skill For Online Shopping” this article gives us a good reference about how to identify whether the business integrity or not. On the other hand we must exercise the right to good hands. The integrity of business experience, be sure to stay well received, and a lot of publicity, to provide a good reference for other customers’ future purchase. When encountered fraud business, we must make a complaint through various methods, so as to avoid other people being deceived. Let the fraud business pay for their bad action.

Dedicated e-commerce business, we should make our contribution for the credit of online shopping. When some uncontrollable factors make us can not deliver on the user’s commitment, we must timely communication with our customers, so as to reach agreement with the customer, and find a mutually satisfactory solution. Only pay more attention to user experience, we can remain in the wave of e-commerce.

Let us work together to build a trusted online shopping environment.

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