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Good things need to be shared. You can get happiness and satisfaction from the process of sharing and also can get much useful information from others’ sharing. Through various ways in such high-tech days, many people can share so many things everyday, such as experience, happy or moving stories, private secrets, mysterious exploration, funny toys, useful things……Today and here, i want to show you thing from tomtop. It’s the new arrival and i think girls who love beauty as me will love it and want to own it. It’s the 7pcs Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set. It has the following kinds of brushes.

Face and Body brush – The softest big cosmetic brush I’ve ever come across. Isn’t scratchy at all so it doesn’t hurt after applying powder which has happened with a few other brushes I’ve tested (Bare Minerals powder brush for example I found quite irritating!). This brush holds my powder and lets it apply easily all over the face. Nice fat long handle which is good for application but makes it hard to carry around if you’re traveling. I’ve photographed it with the blusher brush below so you can see the size comparison.

Blusher brush – Love it, perfect size to apply blusher or to contour your cheeks. Saying this, I am tempted to try a smaller shaped blusher brush, just because I think I might find the shape easier to work with. I have about this blusher brush and I do use it everyday.

Foundation brush – I don’t use a foundation brush anymore, but when I do fancy using one I’ll use this or GOSH’s foundation brush. This one is quite thin, depth wise, but applies foundation nicely, albeit a tiny bit streaky if you don’t blend it in properly. I just find nowadays that using my fingers to apply foundation is a whole lot easier.

Smudger brush – My least favorite brush, I never ever use this. I find it really unnecessary, just a bigger version of those cheap brushes you get in eyeshadow palettes. I’d rather just use a normal eyeshadow brush, however I know a lot of girls who do use and love this brush, I just personally can’t see it!

Eyeshadow Blender brush – I have two favorite eyeshadow brushes and this is the first. I adore it, its fluffy and just the perfect shape and density for blending out smoky eyes. I use this daily to either apply a darker color to the outer corners of my eyes, or just to blend it in general. I also have another one of these brushes which I sometimes use to apply concealer – it works just as well as you can blend the foundation in directly to problem areas. I’ve had this brush for about four years now and its still in great condition.

Lipstick & Concealer brush – Standard lipstick and concealer brush!!

Brow & Lash Comb – My brows are so unruly, so when I remember I use this to comb them.

This brush Set is really beautiful and useful. You can use them to build a confident and attractive self. If you want to be a wonderful and fashionable girl, then focus on us and pay attention to tomtop. You can find the real one here.

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