Winners for “Free 7” Tablet PC, Get It Now!”

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Dear friends, “Free 7” Tablet PC, Get It Now!” now come to an end. Thank you so much for your actively participation. Here is the prize presentation. 5 winners are as below and each winner will be rewarded a tablet pc  congratulations.

1.Maduwanthi Karunarathne • 224 shares
2.Tyom Misakich • 204 shares
3.Rick Brown • 195 shares
4.Promod Madushan 190 shares
5.Amrita Jawahar 166 share
PS. The 3 friends who 5 winners have tagged will get a 5USD gift card

Please send us message within one week if you win the gift. And ask the 3 friends your tag to contact us. Otherwise, the winner will be deemed a waiver. Thank you!

Campaign details
Let’s looking forward to the second round of this campaign.

Winners for “Free 7” Tablet PC, Get It Now!”

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