Poor Video Images – Four Tips to Improve Your Webcam Images

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Many people complain that when they are talking on the skype or instant messenger MSN and using their webcams, they find that the video images are very poor. Though pay a little more money you can get a webcam with good images, the inexpensive one is also possible to have rich images and to improve your webcam images it just needs some adjustments. Here we go~

Improve your webcam images method one: Light source

Though fluorescent lights can save energy, it also would make your camera’s video images look dull and faded. So it is a good idea to use the realistic light like traditional light bulbs to light on the subject’s face. Besides, the location of the light source should be considered; move the light source to an appropriate place if it can.

Improve your webcam images method two: Good background

This factor is often overlooked by many people, but the color and images of the objects behind you also may make your images dull. Lightly or darkly solid color backgrounds are recommended; avoid putting any objects that would cause reflections to the subject or the computer screen.

Improve your webcam images method three: Adjust the focus ring

If your webcam image is not sharp, check if it has a focus ring. A blurry webcam image can sometimes simply mean the webcam is not in focus. Place the subject in frame, in the position they will be when the video is being taken, and adjust the focus ring on the camera lens until the image is sharp and clear.

Improve your webcam images method four: Adjust the monitor

If your monitor is too bright, your eyeglasses may get reflections from the screen, or the screen may paint your face so the webcam video images will looked dull and faded. Adjust the brightness of your monitor to the point that it does not cast any colors or reflections on you.

Hope all those methods can be useful for you.


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