Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Wristband Sports Bracelet 2

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Sports Wristband

Sports & Outdoor

Xiaomi is currently creating a number of hot topics for each product category. After launching several smartphones and Mi Pad tablets, the company has introduced its fitness wearable smart device –  Mi Band, to the global market at an affordable price. MiB Band 2 is slightly larger than its predecessor, but Xiaomi has maintained The original simple design, the entire front covered with fingerprint-resistant and scratch-resistant glass, touch buttons made of anodic oxidation 0.05mm sheet metal. Xiaomi Mi band retains the iconic design, high-quality prices, products have always been high-quality standards and limited supply increases their attractiveness.

 Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Wristband Sports Bracelet 2

Now using it with an integrated display, there is more room for notification. With a 0.42 OLED display, there’s also a touch button under the small screen to help you toggle between different notification windows. In fact, the screen size is limited, although it can not display the text, Xiaomi still found an alternative way to display the notification. And other features have also been significantly upgraded, including the strap has also updated some of the design, improved HR sensor, a larger battery, enhanced Bluetooth connectivity and better motion tracking sensor, compact 0.42 “OLED display for It can display icons of time, total distance, battery percentage, calories burned, heart rate, number of steps, and various notifications (call, SMS, email, etc.).

 Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Wristband Sports Bracelet 2

Xiaomi mi band 2’s screen is very bright, even in direct sunlight can see the information on the screen. Mi Band can also track your sleep, you can also see your sleep habits in the app. This bracelet can last a single charge for 30 days and we do not even have to recharge it during the week we use it.

Application notification is also very useful, it has become an indispensable feature in the latest wearable devices. When you have an incoming call, millet 2 can vibrate. You can set the time and then notify the delay. Mi band 2 starts to vibrate during the call, and a headphone icon will appear on the screen, making it very convenient. Currently, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 support displaying icons on screens such as WeChat, Mi Talk, Mi-Fit, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Snapchat.

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