Xiaomi AFU Sleep Fragrance Instrument Night Light

Xiaomi has a product that is so popular: Why is Afu Sleeping Fragrance?

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Xiaomi has a new fragrance instrument on the day before, and it is small and exquisite. It is especially suitable for people with poor sleep quality and high work pressure. In just a few days, it has won the support of over 15,000 people. The degree of love of the product

This sleep treasure fragrance instrument adopts the working principle of diffusing fragrance, avoiding the trouble of changing water. The S-shaped pipeline design in the fuselage uses the siphon principle to rapidly spread small molecules of essential oil, and it can be fragrant in just a few minutes. Full bedroom

Using the IFA-certified essential oils of the International Aromatherapy Therapist, the body can relax more fully during sleep, and wake up the next day.

The fragrance meter can be charged with a built-in lithium battery. When it is turned on before going to sleep, it will work according to the established rules for ten minutes and stop for 10 minutes. This will automatically turn off after 1 hour of accumulated work, in line with people’s daily sleep habits; ultra-quiet fan, let You feel the aroma of the scent, but you can’t hear any noise.

The installation of the essential oil is also very simple. Push it from the bottom of the fragrance meter and insert it properly. It can be supplied with 3ml of sample essential oil. Users can also purchase essential oil (8ml) separately. How about, will you like to put one in your horizontal style?

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