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Xiaomi has a new product! TwentySeventeen light kinetic energy table flashes

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As a man who pursues, the watch is one of the essential equipments, and Xiaomi has a brand with a brand that specializes in watches. At present, the quartz watch is the core, and the brand is “TwentySeventeen”. Full of stars!

I was also the first to come into contact with “TwentySeventeen”, but it gave me a good feeling, especially this new “TwentySeventeen light kinetic energy meter”, the same this is also a quartz watch series.

Perhaps many people don’t know much about “TwentySeventeen“. I came to the simple science, which is a series of watches developed by Shenzhen Micro-Intelligence Co., Ltd., with independent research and development and creativity, and has a number of design and utility model patents. In addition to this new product, there are currently 5 products, the other 4 are light fashion quartz watches, light business quartz watches, light mechanical watches, lightweight ultra-thin quartz watches.

The new product is called “TwentySeventeen Lightweight Kinetic Energy Meter”. It is designed in a simple square box design. It contains a watch, a watch pad and a manual. The whole watch is made of a full metal body. In fact, the whole watch is actually designed with a full metal body. Wearing it still has a certain amount of weight for the wrist. There are currently three colors, namely, black charm, vibrant orange, and deep sea blue, and my hand is deep sea blue.

TwentySeventeen light kinetic energy meter uses sapphire glass lens, equipped with multi-function chronograph dial, using three-eye six-pin design principle, divided into 24H display (two left and right, one on the left, one on the right), mainly used Confirmation time, the lower dial is 60 minutes, this is mainly used during sports, in addition, there is a calendar window to confirm the date.

There are three buttons on the right side of the dial, the button B on the bottom, the button A on the bottom, and the crown on the middle. These three buttons can be used to adjust the time, adjust the calendar, use the timer, and use the watch to measure the speed. The method of operation is not done here. If you are interested, you can check the instructions after purchasing.

For some people, the wrist may not be so thick, so you may need to adjust the strap below. If you don’t operate it yourself, you can go to a professional watch repairer to deal with it. Generally, you can get it within 30 minutes. .

Even in the dark, the pointer has a light-storing luminous coating that makes it easy to look at the watch in the dark, and it does not hurt the eyes.

But the most important thing is light kinetic energy! The biggest highlight of this watch! The so-called light kinetic energy is the principle that can convert all light sources into energy, just like the solar water heater. The TwentySeventeen light kinetic energy meter is also the principle. All the light sources, whether sunlight or light, can be converted into their own power. The watch itself continues to operate, generally only 5-6 hours under the sun, and does not need to operate frequently, almost once a month.

Finally, TwentySeventeen light kinetic energy meter, Japan imported light kinetic energy movement, all-metal body, multi-function chronograph dial, easy to convert visible light, if you wear it, you can’t avoid it…

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