Xiaomi Mi A3 4GB 64GB Smartphone

Xiaomi CC9e also has an overseas version: named Xiaomi A3


A while ago, Xiaomi officially released the CC9 series. As a new product line of Xiaomi, it is aimed at women and young people. We also recently got the Xiaomi CC9e and made a review. Recently, it is reported that it may also be sold overseas.

Recently, Xiaomi’s overseas Twitter account officially announced the Xiaomi A series, and said it is the best-selling Android One model. Obviously, Xiaomi is about to launch Xiaomi A3. By convention, it should be an overseas version of a domestic model of Xiaomi.

Now, the rendering of Xiaomi A3 has been exposed, the shape design and the Xiaomi CC9e are exactly the same, the front is full-screen design of water droplets, and the back is three vertical shots on the left side. The model corresponding to Xiaomi A1 is Xiaomi 5X, and the model corresponding to Xiaomi A2 is Xiaomi 6X. But now, the product line of Xiaomi has disappeared. The model that meets the low price and high cost performance in Xiaomi is CC9e.

The core selling point of Xiaomi CC9e is appearance, photo, screen fingerprint and large battery. The domestic selling price is only 1299 yuan, which is still attractive. Of course, the lack of screen refinement and the slightly weaker processor performance are its shortcomings.

In the fierce domestic competitive environment, some people may feel that Xiaomi CC9e is not competitive enough. But in overseas markets, the combat power of the Xiaomi CC9e is very strong. In terms of the camera, it uses a rear-mounted three-shot camera, and the main camera has reached 48 million. Whether it is imaging quality or playability, it is very strong.

In addition, as a thousand yuan machine, it also uses screen fingerprints, which may not be a big deal in the domestic market, but it is still very rare in overseas markets. Take the US market as an example. One plus 6T is actually the first screen fingerprint mobile phone in the local area. At that time, the domestic flagship machine had basically popularized the screen fingerprint.

In addition, the biggest difference between the Xiaomi A series and the domestic one is that they will use the native Android system instead of the MIUI we are familiar with. Moreover, such products are guaranteed by Google on the system update, and for those who like the native system, they can use the latest Android as soon as possible. Compared to the high price of Pixel, Xiaomi A3 will be another good choice.

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