Xiaomi Bluetooth headset QCY A1 Reviews

Xiaomi Bluetooth headset QCY A1 Reviews

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For Bluetooth headsets, cost performance and battery life are the two most important indicators for users. Compared with international big names, domestic brands are undoubtedly better in these two aspects. Recently, QCY, a well-known domestic manufacturer of Bluetooth headsets, has launched a new product A1. What kind of performance does this product have? The answer will be announced immediately.


The QCY A1 Bluetooth headset is roughly a minimalist design. It looks a bit “black and straight”, and it looks so eye-catching from any angle!

Headphones are all-inclusive, QCY A1 is very rich in features, such as answering and hanging up calls, as well as volume adjustment, song switching, last-position redial, and power switch should be available. As a single-ear Bluetooth headset, the function can still Complete, it is really rare!

This time Xiaomi QCY A1 provides 3 Bluetooth headsets very intimately, which greatly facilitates the different needs of many users, and these earmuffs are made of silicone material, soft to the touch, do not worry about wearing for too long Ear problems.

Also this Xiaomi QCY A1 is also very intimately equipped with ear hooks. I believe many people will take Bluetooth headphones to exercise. This ear hook will ensure that they will not be dropped during vigorous exercise, so it is unbridled. Just run around.


In terms of operation, the button feedback is good. Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn the machine on and off. Press and hold until you turn on the phone, and you can directly enter the Bluetooth pairing state. Each operation has vocal voice prompts and indicator flashing reminders, which is easy to identify; This button can ensure more convenient operation when wearing, and it is more convenient when answering, hanging up, rejecting, redialing the most recent call, three-way call, and music playback pause;


When charging, the red light flashes alternately. The battery in the small body can be fully charged in about 1 hour, and the indicator light turns blue when fully charged. After that, it can stand by continuously for 3-4 days, providing 3 hours of continuous talk time. There are intimate voice reminders when the battery is low.

In terms of sound quality

After a few days of listening, Pendianjun felt that the A1’s built-in speaker configuration is affordable-the tri-band is more balanced, and the bass has a certain dive. It even has a slightly better color in the same price products. The stable Bluetooth connection also ensures daily listening. Break. After changing multiple playlists, Dian Jun thinks that A1 is very suitable for enjoying popular music, but it is a bit difficult in more complex music scenes. If your Bluetooth headset is not so demanding, you should be able to accept the sound quality level of A1.

to sum up

The author of the A1 Bluetooth headset boldly speculates that it is suitable for driving families. The original intention of developing this product was to make drivers safer driving, so the convenient operation will undoubtedly allow more drivers and friends to concentrate on driving, but I hope that the manufacturer will release a single-ear Bluetooth The headphones can do more optimization in sound quality, which is perfect.

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