Xbox 360 wireless receiver and explosive failures


Recently, a number of Xbox360 users and some sites in the complaints forum Xbox360 wireless gaming receiver problems, this is a game controller makes playing computer games peripherals.The receiver is the second recent problem of the peripheral of the Xbox360. Microsoft on Tuesday just to recall a number of wireless racing wheel, the peripherals are “small part” in the access to AC power when the situation of overheating and smoking.(360 Wireless Receiver)

The problem is that the receiver can not use many users, or third-party products and other conflicts, such as Logitech Wacom. Microsoft currently does not respond on this matter.Xbox360 system quality is a big burden on Microsoft. Microsoft has spent 10.6 billion dollars to appease consumers, because they will not take long this machine broken. And Microsoft has also received two legal complaints, accusing it of video game design flaws can scratch the game disc. Microsoft has denied this.(360 Wireless PC Receiver)

Steering wheel, Microsoft introduced a modified free version, Microsoft recommends that users prior to the receipt of new products, best not to use AC power, while the temporary use of batteries.(360 Wireless Gaming Receiver)

These messages also affected the sales of Xbox360, Microsoft in July to report fiscal fourth great sales down 60%.

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