A Short Review About New Xbox 360 Controller


The Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system is finally here, and along with it, many innovations have arrived – one of them being wireless gaming. The release of the new Xbox 360 Slim, came out a new style, new design and innovative features to the Xbox 360 family console. The new Xbox 360 controller is one of the Premium Edition. Lets get down to a quick review of this beautiful system, and explorer some of its amazing features.

Xbox 360 Controller

The first thing I notice about this new Xbox 360 controller is that it has a different texture than the previous gen controllers. Also, there is the new slick silver paint job and gray scale colored A, B, X, Y buttons, chromed guide button and D-pad. After it charged and was ready for a game, I start fiddling with this new “transforming” D-pad. “What is it,” you ask? Well, if you turn it one way it will only move up, down, left and right. But, turn it the other way, and it becomes more like a joystick. I thought this feature wouldn’t be very handy to anyone not immersed in fighting games such as “Marvel vs. Capcom” or “Street Fighter,” but man was I wrong. It’s great for inputting text and in games like “Call of Duty” where you have weapon features on the D-pad and it prevents accidental weapon swaps.

One of the biggest advantage is that the protruding D-pad can be tucked into a disc so that players can more easily perform “sweeping movements” in addition to “cardinal directional moves.” I may have not played many fighting games since DOA4, but I never remembered the D-pad being all that much trouble. So basically, the new disc-integrated D(ummy)-pad is nothing but a cheat for the Hadoukenally handicapped. The only other argument I’ve heard as to why this is such a fantastic “redesign” is that the D-pad is seldom used anyway. And while the D-pad has certainly become antiquated for motion control by way of standardized dual analog joysticks, the iconic cross has come to bear much more important functionality, such as quick item selection, character dialog options, squad-oriented commands, and various other in-game actions.

Overall, I think this controller was well done and not just a marketing ploy. The new texture allows for a more comfortable grip and the new joysticks aide in movement control. That fancy new D-pad is actually pretty handy, not to mention the flashy paint job. The gaming industry will always try to come up with new ideas and new technologies to both profit and also go beyond their own expectations. Hey, guys, still don’t use this new Xbox 360 controller to enhance your gaming experience? Come on, all kinds of latest Xbox 360 accessories are sold on China Wholesale online store TOMTOP. Don’t miss them!

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