Wooden Toy Puzzles: Great Christmas Gifts for Children


The holiday season is upon us and soon it will be the New Year. It’s time to choose Christmas Gifts for your children. It’s not an easy thing to choose that right presents that your children are looking forward to get. Toy fads that may embrass you now. You may have spend more money on super-trendy items than you care to admit. Wooden Toy Puzzles will make great gifts for your children. Wooden toy puzzles have given so much pleasure to today’s kids.

Toys like simple wooden puzzle toys can bring joy to a young child’s face. While the toy itself may look simple, it’s what the child does with the toy that’s unique. Children can learn how to build simple to complex structures while making use of shapes and details. Many wooden puzzle toys can also be recycled after a child is finished playing with them. Let’s discusses 3 wooden toy puzzles ideas that buyers can find online.

1. Wooden Kongming Lock

wooden toy puzzles

“Lu Ban Lcok”, also referred to as “Kong Ming Lock” or the “Eight Trigrams Locks” is a kind of carpentry puzzle game created in Ancient China. This game embodies the highest degree of civilization and wisdom. It is unique in both its style and the way in which on plays it. Without enli siting the help of other tools, you must solve the puzzle and assemble the pieces correctly. The benefits of the game include relaxation, entertainment, and increasing your brain power. It’s just like magic.

2. Wooden Moving Dinosaur

Wooden Moving Dinosaur

Have you ever seen such a dinosaur which can walk, bite and roar? Maybe in television and in your imagination. This one is just like a real dinosaur, but it is a wood one from your assembly! Whether playing alone or with siblings or friends, wooden moving dinosaur provide children with endless hours of great, imaginative play and the memories will last a lifetime. Through accurate assembly to exercise the child‘s hand-eye coordination, parents can also join assembly, is a good parent-child toys.

3. Wooden Assembly Robot

wooden assembly robot

Every kid’s creative potential is unlimited. Now your baby can create their own beloved robots. 164 pieces of parts can be assembled into a cool robot with 2 guns in his hand. Puppy, kitty, car etc can also be built up with imagination and creativity. Easy to assemble, needs no glue and other tools. Suitable for all kids above 5. An ideal gift/award of Christmas/Birthday/Children’s Day/Encouragement for kids.

Buying wooden toys requires just a small amount of online research. Pictures and written descriptions from the manufacturer provide consumers with helpful information. Wooden puzzle toys endure for so long that children can grow up and pass them down to their own kids.

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