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  1. , you would want to figure out how much cttmepioion is in the area. Being the only one sounds like the best bet.Next, what are the local road laws on scooters? I don’t know if these vary by community, but other things might.. like theft rates, police harassment, etc. Local insurance rates also make a good consideration.You will need a business permit.. Set up a fictitious business name like I might use Pat’s Buzzoff Pest Service for a company name. (I don’t know if you are familiar with setting up a business but this is very common and the State site listed below will tell you how.. You post the name of the business using a local paper under the Legal column classifieds. It will require using an address. Use a post office box at first, because you will be bombarded with junk mail. Altogether that should run you less than $ 100.) You will be required to file business taxes quarterly. You will need to know special regulations or licenses that may pertain to your particular business.. contact state and local government.If you are only going to rent the scooter, you will be seen as cttmepioion to a renter if they are local.Legally, you will likely need to inform them that you are rerenting to others, and that might not be allowed. I’m not familiar with Buddy scooters..Buying them.. hey price around.. it’s a big country and maybe it’s worth traveling a little to get the best bargain or maybe they will deliver. Talk to the managers and let them know you may buy a lot and that you plan to start a rental business and you will be more likely to get better rates.You could start small and build up.. You may only need a little ticket box (like those ones that sell discounted tickets for Disney), a cell phone, and permission to be on someone’s parking lot.. which will cost you.. but if you’re in a quiet well-positioned strip mall, they may welcome you with open arms for the business that you bring because those scooter riders may want to also buy a soda at one of their stores, etc.Good luck!

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