The Great Combo-2.4G IR Rii Mini i6 Wireless Keyboard and Universal Remote Control

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The amazing gizmo Rii Mini i6 Wireless Keyboard Universal Remote Control has combined all the keyboards features that’ll allow to use with a television, DVD player, XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, personal computer, or a Bluetooth-capable smartphone. It takes the important role of the wireless keyboards. For multimedia lectures, conference presentations, home theater is no better choice.

Particularly excited by the presence of both a full keyboard and a touchpad with IR Remote on this device, Is the great combo. It’s the world’s first high sensitive built-in programmable smart touchpad with 90-degree flip design, Can be used in horizontal and vertical directions, Allows you to be more humane mode of operation to achieve click, scroll, and the mouse click action. Control and enjoy the fun of the same notebook computer. With the Mini QWERTY keyboard multimedia control keys and PC gaming control keys, Help you control the most devices in your house with ease! And The backlight function was very welcome at night to facilitate the use in dark environments, No need extra desklamp to illuminate the keys.

In addition, This is also a universal infrared remote controller with learning function, Has a powerful ability to identify unknown format with a wide and reliable range of learning formats (20 kHz-60 kHz) and small frequency error (±1 kHz) which means about 99.9% TV infrared remote control on the market can be used.

The overall design of the unit is functional and easy to operate, All of the keys are responsive and touchpad felt accurate. If you’re in the market for a wireless control keyboard, This one is the best choice.

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