Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad – Your First and Your Best Choice


Similar to a wireless mouse, a wireless keyboard with touchpad works by plugging a receiver into your computer via a USB or PS/2 port. The keyboard sends a signal to the receiver. If you start to notice slower performance then usual, make sure that nothing is blocking the receiver and that the batteries in the keyboard are charged.

wireless keyboard with touchpad

As with wireless technology, a wireless keyboard with touchpad will help reduce clutter and improve mobility. By using a wireless keyboard with touchpad, you will not be bound to your desk at all times during use. You can simply place the keyboard on your lap and answer phones, move around, etc while you are working. Wireless keyboard with touchpad also reduce unsightly wires and clutter in both an office and home.

No matter if it is used for work, for study or for home users, there is no doubt that wireless keyboard with touchpad can give you more freedom, but before purchasing one set, you should know something about it. Presently there are 3 types of wireless technology applied to the keyboard and mouse: the infrared(IR), the Radio Frequency (RF) and the Bluetooth. Generally the transmission distance of the infrared keyboard and mouse is only two meters, but with a cheap price it applies to the entry-level home users who require the wireless control within two meters.

The Bluetooth product can transmit signals within about ten meters and it is suitable for doing office work, for example, you are able to control the projector to play files at any position within 10 meters range when you show the multi-media lantern slide to your customers, but it is a little bit expensive. As to the RF devices, they have the similar functions as the wired USB mouse, with a high price quality we recommend them to a majority of users.

I will recommend a cool wireless keyboard with touchpad to you. This Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard($39.99) is a mini wireless keyboard with a big touchpad and laser pointer. It has 69 keys and featuring a LED backlit keyboard so you can use it easily in the dark. It has a 2.4GHz wireless USB receiver, and its built-in lithium-ion battery will give you up to 700 hours(about one month) of standby time. The range of the keyboard is 30 meters. Cool mini keyboard! The mini keyboard also has a mini touchpad allowing you to take control of the mouse pointer. The pad works both vertically and horizontally.

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