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Nintendo’s new small, stylish controller is designed to follow the standard TV remote control’s ease of use. Really hope that those who don’t like the conventional video game controller will find the Wii remote is simple and easy to use. There is a tiny device which also called indicator contains some revolutionary technology. Wiimote act as the extension of the player’s arm, indicator measuring movement and tilt, it’s accuracy can achieve pixel-level. Nintendo believe that the controller will change the way people play games

Wii Remote

1. The Power Button

The wireless switch of Wii. On the top left, it’s very user-friendly.

2. Steering Wheel

The remote arrow keys of Wiimote are located below the power button. In most games the Wii steering wheel is mainly used for selection. For example, players in a place like “Metroid Prime 3″, players can scan the steering wheel to select a different mask. However, the steering wheel can also directly control the game, especially in the profile when the Wiimote turned the handle when you hold it like that.

3. A Key

The large key is often used as the first Wii game action key. It’s position is above the front middle of the Wiimote, and it’s very suitable for the player’s thumb.

4. Navigation Key

-, + and Home Keys can be used to directly access the Wii’s beautiful user interface. Players may at anytime, even when playing the game, press the Home key will jump to Wii channel system. – and + keys to make the player forward and backward in each menu browsing. They can also select and pause the game as to use.

5. Internal Speaker

Output sound and music in some occasions suggested that the player into the game as a means of experience.

6. 1 and 2 Keys

When playing classic NES games and some racing games, Wii remote need to turn the side, in that time, 1 and 2 keys are the main action buttons.

7. Lever Indicator

These blue lights illustrate how to distinguish one from the four handle. If the first lights, on behalf of the player 1, and so on. When there is power, these lights also used as a second objective, indicating how much battery power is left.

8. B Trigger

Located behind the Wii remote, B trigger as the primary or secondary action button, depending on the game. With the index finger or middle finger press this button.

9. Infrared Top

When point to the Wii sensor bar, Wii remote’s infrared pointer to the pixel-level precision control of the game. Because this technology, Wii remote like a FPS for this game must be precisely aimed at a potential revolution in the handle.

10. Special Attachment Interface

Located at the bottom of the Wiimote, the special interface to connect peripheral devices to Wiimote can interact with many accessories. Wii remote and Nunchuk are sold together, which plug into the interface and extends that capabilities of the device. Other Wii accessories, including the classic controller, also connected to this interface. Ancillary equipment to use Wiimote main battery power and wireless capabilities to communicate with the host.

11. Accelerometer, Bluetooth and Battery

Wii remote has a dedicated accelerometer technology to measure the 3D space in a movement, tilt and throwing. In a game like Excite Truck, the player simply turn the Wiimote and twist the handle to turn around. In Wii Sports baseball, they swing like a baseball bat as the handle. All of the information transmitted via Bluetooth to the host. Meanwhile, the device behind a battery compartment to accommodate two AA alkaline batteries.

To truly understand how Wii revolutionizes gaming, you have to try it for yourself. Quite simply, Wii is for everyone. The ease of use and interactivity of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk allows for a unique social gaming experience for the whole family. You don’t just play the Wii, you experience it. Get the very best video game accessories online, visit or paste the link into your browser: http://www.tomtop.com/video-games

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