Wig can be cleaned up? How to clean? You can always wash it? How to care for?


Hair Wigs can clean it? how to clean ah? can always wash it? how to care for? “this issue have been asking a lot of girl!

Either human hair or synthetic hair wig, with a long time will be contaminated, dirty, therefore, re-use of wigs made before the best set of pads, sewing a hair net, so not only helps secure, and easy to clean . (But now cheap wigs do not have this trick a lot of crush)

Human Hair Wigs generally every 3 to 7 days once properly cleaned. Washing before the first tooth with a soft brush or a thin coarse tooth comb gently comb from top to bottom, dirt, dust, scrub clean. Then the wig into the detergent dissolved in warm water (water temperature 25 ~ 30 ℃), soak for 10 minutes after the wig and gently rinse, rinse comb available to the sticky section on the wig thing. Note, do not rub the wig in the water side, the following year off and their hair wig. Finally, the wig and then rinse with water, dry with a dry towel and gently rub the water on a wig, a wig and painted a little fat milk, hanging in the ventilation air dry, and then fixed or curlers blowing stereotypes. If you do not often use, starting a collection of plastic bottles and sealed.

In addition, the life of the Cheap Wigs according to the requirements of users, just like with hair cut hot dyeing, finishing a satisfactory hair. Rib cartilage to wear every day is available when a large brush and thin tooth comb gently comb according to hair requirements. If not used, the direction of free hairpin clip by ripple well fixed; wig before going to bed to remove, organize and store in ventilated place.

Hope we can lift the wig cleaning this question!

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