Why is Peppa Pig so popular with children?

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Since the advent of Peppa Pig’s cartoon, this pink pig and its family have become popular among children. Almost every child likes Peggy and her brother George.There are various of products with Peppa Pig logo, Peppa Pig children’s clothing, Peppa Pig watches, Peppa Pig toys and so on. Why is Peppa Pig so popular with children?

The “Peppa Pig” provides a harmonious family life atmosphere. Emotionally opened our sense of identity from the heart. The education of Page’s mother is especially worthy of parental reference. She is a gentle and principled mother. She is never angry, very patient, even if she is not happy, it is only a short time. A gentle mother is the most popular among children.
There is no father who is absent from family education. Pig Dad is an office worker, but the pig dad’s sports cells and their mighty are the world record for jumping mud pits, long-distance running, swimming, diving and skating holders. Pig Dad is also good at music and his accordion is very good. He plays drums, so he is an idol in the hearts of children. All children want their father to be a superman, so the children can also be guided by some positive values ​​when watching the animation.
The companionship of a friend is very important to the growth of the child, and Page will play with friends. Kindergartens will also take the children to the camp and learn to fully develop their interests and hobbies. They learn from each other while they are playing together. These wonderful memories will remain in the children’s lives and affect their lives.
Every little animal inside is very polite, respects the elders, and has a strong family concept. The relationship with the elders is very harmonious, and children can learn to share and polite.
The image of Piggy Page is in line with the child’s aesthetic appeal. The image and scene of the piglet are simple, cute and colorful. Children have a natural love, love warm colors, and even create a pleasant psychological experience through color imagination. Therefore, they will also have a soft spot for all pigs.

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