Why do young people like Koowheel Electric Skateboard

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According to a survey in the United States, skateboarding is a favorite sport for teenagers, second only to football and basketball. Skateboarding represents youth and adventure, and this is the equipment that every teenager dreams of. As a street sport, skateboarding can take up the same proportion as traditional ball games. It doesn’t have too many rules, and playing cool is the only standard. If you still like skateboarding, this Koowheel Motorized Electric Skateboard– 2nd Generation will be your perfect partner.


Elastic structure, strong resistance fall

Made from 7 layers of Canadian maple, this skateboard has great toughness and elasticity. The sheet does not need to be spliced.With CNC trimming and grinding technology,it is durable. It has a strong resistance to pressure and drop, even if the skateboard is bent under pressure, it will not damage the battery and electronic components. Even If the person weighing 100KG performs the most intense exercise on the skateboard, the skateboard is still intact. And the rider has more traction when riding this motorized skateboard. Therefore, you can use it with confidence.

Koowheel D3M Motorized Electric Skateboard- 2nd Generation

350W brushless motor gives you a normal speed

The Koowheel 2nd Electric Skateboard has two 350W brushless motors. the normal speed is 30km / h and a top speed is 40km / h. In general, the motor has a high temperature requirement, and when the temperature reaches 130 degrees or more, there is a risk of damage. But the latest chip can control the temperature of the motor in real time to ensure the good operation of the motor.
Although this scooter is fast, it definitely guarantees your safety. It uses linear acceleration and braking to ensure safe riding. It takes about 3-5 seconds from startup to 40KM/H, and it won’t accelerate to the extreme. The brakes are the same, they don’t stop suddenly and there is a buffer time of 1-3 seconds. Moreover, the dual drive hub motor can be reversed. In other words, when you need to turn your head, you don’t need to get off the bus. You only need to use the remote control to drive in the opposite direction.



Powerful battery and shock absorption system

This electric scooter has super endurance, and a battery can last 15-25KM. The battery is detachable (the backup battery lasts up to 45KM.) And it only takes 15 seconds to replace another battery when the battery is exhausted.
In addition, it has a perfect shock absorption system. Four non-slip wear wheels and PU special material shock blocks make sliding safer and more stable. It also adjusts the speed based on various factors such as weight, slope, and temperature. Maintain stability and balance even at high speeds to ensure safety and a good riding experience.

Koowheel Motorized Electric Skateboard- 2nd Generation

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