Who Can Find Your Skin With Concealer?


What do you think is the best compliment you have once received from other people? One of my customers told me that the best compliment that she had received was that one of her friend told her, “your skin looks so good without makeup”, while the fact was……. she did have makeup on, for she applied natural foundation and concealer of Tomtop.com. But it blended so well together that it seemed almost transparent on the skin, even in bright lighting or under sunlight. She is so happy to share that exciting news with me, which made me feel happy for here.

Here i want to share some good tips about how to use the professional concealer to achieve the best results. It calls for some technique, which i get from other people. Here are for your reference.

1) Get the concealer shade that matches 90 – 100% of your skin tone. It’s the most basic but the most important, for the following steps are built on the first step. So remember to get the concealer that matches your skin tone.

2) Make sure you moisturize first to plump up your skin before applying any foundation or concealer. Don’t let the skin be dry.

3) Once you get the matching shade, you need to use a makeup sponge or something else to blend it well with your other makeup such as foundation or blush in a gentle back-and-forth dotting motion.

4) Don’t put a large amount on. Put a small dotted amount on your finger and move from the outside corner of the eye inward, and back out again.

5) Don’t use concealer on freckles, moles and dark pigmentation because they require heavier layers which wouldn’t make it look natural.

6) Pay particular attention to corner areas of the face such as the corner of the eyes, mouth and nose bridge. Any mishap can make it look powdery and unnatural

7) Concealer is not only for the face, it can be used for the body.

The above are good tips; don’t forget to follow those rules when you want to use concealer. In addition, you should also choose the right type of concealer for your skin. One of my friend is olive toned complexion with slightly larger pores, concealing sticks work beautifully on her face, while one of my other friend has excessively oily skin, so she uses a finely milled mineral concealer.It is also important to determine exactly what you are trying to cover. Is it blue or purple circles, reddish discoloration, puffiness, or some combination thereof? Are you also trying to minimize wrinkles and other imperfections? The answer to those questions may have an effect on the type and color of concealer chosen. Because my circles are dark bluish-purple in nature, I use a concealer with a slight yellow base. My friend’s eyes skew red in color so she uses a light color-correcting green concealer. Another friend’s eyes tend to look “puffy,” so a softer pink tone concealer works best for her. Be cautious to choose the Concealer. I think this 20 Color Concealer from tomtop can satisfy all of you.

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