What Is Magnetic Nail Polish


There is a beauty innovation on nail polish. That is the magnetic nail polish. How does magnetic nail polish work? Do you want to know who, what, why, and how behind this manicure with a magnetic personality. Don’t worry, this article will tell you.
What it is: A revolutionary magnetic nail lacquer used to create stunning 3D nail art designs in chic metallic shades.

Magnetic nail polish

Who it’s for: Nail, manicure, and beauty addicts that want to get professional looking nails in the comfort of your own home.
Why it’s different: With these polishes you don’t need any stencils, stickers, or fine tipped brushes the magnet does all the work.

Magnetic nail polish

How it works:
1. To start, take the time to prepare and care for the nail by using a protective base coat. This will keep the nail healthy and you will also find it easier to apply the polish on top of this.
2. When completely dry, paint your nails with a thin layer of the magnetic nail polish and leave to dry.
3. When all the nails are completely dry, paint a thick layer of polish onto the nail and hold the magnet on the top of the outer cap of the bottle over the nail. Use the half-moon shaped rest to settle over the cuticle and count to 10 – 15 to allow the polish to work it’s magic.
4. Repeat this process for each nail, ensuring that the nail polish is wet when you hold the magnet over it. Do not touch the nail with the magnet as this will ruin the effect of the manicure.
5. When the polish is dry, add a clear top coat to protect the effect of the nail and to add shine to the overall look.

Magentic nail polish

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