What are the magical uses of Sense 2 3D scanner?

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When it comes to 3D scanners, we know that it is a smart high-tech product. There are two main scanners on the market: laser 3D scanners and camera-type 3D scanners. Many people think that this kind of instrument is far away from our daily life, and ordinary people have no chance to use it. They are widely used in heritage conservation, urban building surveying, topographic mapping, mining, deformation monitoring, factories, large structures, pipeline design, aircraft and shipbuilding, road and rail construction , tunnel engineering, bridge reconstruction, mold design and manufacturing, three-dimensional handicraft carving processing, industrial product manufacturing and other fields.

The 3D scanning technology can conveniently and efficiently acquire the three-dimensional coordinates of the surface of the object to be tested and reconstruct the three-dimensional image. It has the advantages of high speed, high precision, a large amount of information, no radiation, no contact, safety, visualization and so on. If you still think this technology is very complicated and mysterious, then you will be amazed when you understand this 3D Systems Sense 2 handheld 3D scanner. Let us see what is magical about it?

3D Systems Sense 2 (2nd Generation) Handheld 3D Scanner

As a hand-held scanner, its mission is basically to “draw” an object, moving it to ensure that the Sense camera has collected all the necessary information. Its software will let us clearly understand the progress of the scan, and the area that the camera does not scan will be blank.Sense 2 automatically recognizes objects, precisely locks the scan target, accurately captures the necessary data, and quickly saves and archives the 3D data of the workpiece, making the scanning process quick and easy. The time it takes to scan an object depends on its size and detail, but in most cases, the entire scanning process takes less than a minute. If you take a panoramic photo with your mobile phone, scanning is also a piece of cake, and the software will tell you if the distance between the device and the object is too far or too close.3D Systems Sense 2 (2nd Generation) Handheld 3D Scanner

Sense has a small form factor and a high capture capacity. Whether it’s a beautiful cake or a full-body image, it can convert data into 3D-printable files in seconds. It scans between 0.2 and 3 meters in size. The device adjusts the scan settings by itself, which is divided into a small scan (less than 46 cm), a medium scan (81 cm) with a bust, a full body image or a large scan of the scene scan (below 183 cm). The Sense scanner creates 20,000 to 400,000 triangles for new 3D scans.
The Sense scanner uses PrimeSense technology* laser scanning to protect your eyes from damage. It has an intuitive user interface and built-in auto zoom, tracking, focusing, cropping, upgrade and sharing tools, all without design experience. Sense software can generate STL and PLY (color) files from the Zui final scan, which can be printed directly on the Cube, CubeX series and other printers.
Capture life in three dimensions and discover the fascination of physical photography with the Sense 3D scanner. Enjoy every inch of your favorite memories, whether it is graduation season, wedding, take baby home, vacation or travel around the world, all your feelings will be expressed in 3D model.Do you still think that 3D Scanner is far away from your life?

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