What are the functions of 3D printers?

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When it comes to 3D printers, people always feel that it is far away from our daily life. In fact, 3D printing has a wide range of applications in all walks of life.
1. In the construction industry: engineers and designers use 3D printers to print architectural models. This method is fast, low-cost, environmentally friendly, and beautifully crafted to meet the designer’s requirements, while saving a lot of material.
2. In the medical field:for some difficult operations, 3D printers can print 3D models directly, which can help doctors to carry out accurate surgical planning and improve the success rate of surgery. 3D printing human organs will be widely used in the future. This technology is the gospel of cancer patients.
3. In the manufacturing industry:many 3D printing products are also needed, such as mechanical parts, toy models, etc. Many 3D printing products are generally difficult to manufacture, and 3D printing is more cost-effective, faster and better than traditional mechanical .This printing technology is very suitable for mass production, so the manufacturing industry can bring a lot of benefits by using 3D technology.
4. Jewelry and apparel industry:3D printing technology has been applied in the jewelry and apparel industry, and can produce various styles of jewelry and decorations.In addition, 3D printing technology is also used in the food industry, which is a great news for those who love food.If you don’t believe, please look at this device.
This FoodBot Food 3D Printer with Touch Screen is a food-making printer with a 4.5-inch HD touch screen that supports wifi and USB disk printing. It can print over 10 ingredients including biscuits, chocolate, cheese, jam, Mashed potatoes, butterscotch, mung bean sauce, etc. It redefines the food production process. This self-service printer only takes 3 steps to complete the print job. First scan the printer’s QR code, then select the model you want, and finally click the Print button. After about 5 minutes, your favorite chocolate will appear on your plate. If you want to print your own model, you can hand-paint graphics on your computer client, or by photo and text. With digital transmission, the printer receives your order and prints it in real time. With a maximum print accuracy of 0.3 mm and a dual temperature control system, it can perform almost all complex and fine food styling. You don’t have to manipulate the printer, it can do all the work by itself. The food used in the printer is a material that meets safety standards. The needle printing technology avoids contact between ingredients and equipment, so you don’t have to worry about food safety. This printer is suitable for home kitchens, cafes, dessert/baking shops, restaurants, educational purposes, etc. With this machine, you can achieve all your inspiration and creativity.FoodBot Food 3D Printer with Touch Screen Support Wifi U Disk PrintingFoodBot Food 3D Printer with Touch Screen Support Wifi U Disk Printing

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