Wewow A-Lite stabilizer gives you an extraordinary shooting experience

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As the short video continues to heat up, the mobile phone stabilizer ushers in an explosive period. The original professional photography equipment began to enter the public life, travel, party, live broadcast, short video creation, record life… More and more people have a demand for stabilizers, However, unlike professional filmmakers’ demand for professional equipment, the general public considers more factors such as cost-effectiveness, portability and stability of stabilizers. Therefore, in recent years. Many stabilizer manufacturers are promoting consumer-grade stabilizers, and Wewow’s A-Lite Extendable 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer will bring you the perfect experience.Wewow A-Lite Extendable 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

What are the advantages of Wewow A-Lite?
A-Lite is a lightweight personal handheld pan/tilt. The biggest feature is light weight. The overall body is matched by red and black. The handle and the three-axis motor and the head of the pan/tilt are black. The red color is streamlined in the instrument control area. With its own telescopic rod, you can take more angles. It supports APP face tracking, object tracking, panorama connection, and time-lapse photography. A-Lite is suitable for mobile phones with a maximum weight of 230g, which means that the mainstream 6-inch mobile phones on the market can be used basically (iPhone XS Max 208g, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 201g, Xiaomi MIX 2s 189g) Moreover, the balance of the larger or smaller mobile phone can be adjusted according to the inner ring arm adjustment knob on the back side of the gimbal.Wewow A-Lite Extendable 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer


What is unique about A-Lite?
First of all, the entire control area is very simple, the function is also very complete, several high frequency commonly used function keys are placed in a more suitable position, the button pressure and resistance are also very moderate, press will not make noise, it does not There will be no obvious feedback, reflecting the slow problem.
We have all experienced other mobile phone stabilizers. When working for a long time, the components of the three-axis motor are always hot or hot, but A-Lite does not appear. Whether it is Android or iOS device, the Bluetooth connection is stable. And few hand-held stabilizers can be added to the selfie stick design, but A-Lite supports 4-segment telescoping. If you attach the attached tripod, the overall length can be compared to a normal selfie stick, whether it is a self-portrait photo or video. This stabilizer can give you the perfect effect.

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