The forecast of 2011 toy trend


Toys are the the best partners for child in childhood , As this reason, making the toy market developed rapidly, especially after the financial crisis dispersed, the traditional toy industry is also increasingly showing its own charm. So what’s the trends of toys? What are the differences? which toys will be the people really like?

1、Animation, games, TV drama theme toys remain popular
Cultural and creative industries is considered the most development potential of the emerging industries in the 21st century,animation plays a rather important in the cultural and creative industries, and each child all have their favorite cartoon characters in their childhood. With the animation of the popular, the market share of animation toys is expanding. Insiders frankly, the animation industry created of wealth for every dollar will be tens of thousands of dollars or even thousands of dollars of wealth extension.

Building Assembly Robot

2、Zodiac Toys, stir up traditional toys shopping boom
2011 New Year toy market is the highlight of the toy market sales, experts predict, stocking toy products sales is 30% of total salesin 2011, while the Tigers in 2010 selling toy products also increased the market competition of 2011 Rabbit Toys product, therefore, the rabbit toy series in the status of the New Year series will be self-evident.

Rabbit toy (2011 is Rabbit year)

3、The low-carbon toy(solar toys)is more and more popular
With the convening of the Copenhagen climate change conference and the various proposals for the thermal conferences and finalized, attention to the global environment, emphasis on environmental protection has become the consensus of people around the world. This trend is also blowing the toy industry, the toy design and production, if environmental protection has become an important factor. stylized design of wooden toys and materials, not only give them a fresh feel very different, but also among children Environmental awareness, will increasingly become the toy manufacturers and consumers focus.

Educational solar kit

4、High-tech toys are Sought, toy trend is clearly intelligent
Children’s toy market is always colorful, especially the rapid development in technology today, a variety of high-tech means are also being applied to the toy design, make toys more attractive. Remote control in the toy market in toys, dolls and robots intelligent toys than some static, with the sound of a dynamic optical feature toys in the toy market, the consumer has a clear advantage.

RC Stunt Invincible Twister Crazy Car

5、Educational toys are still concerned in 2011
Complex known as hopeful parents, so children’s elementary education as a major issue by many parents, and inspire kids to play a variety of toys, practical ability, especially the variety of intellectual toys, many parents have become sought after goal. Various building blocks, puzzles toy are subject to the preference of parents and children.

Dinosaur 3d puzzle

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