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Smart Device & Safety

Today is the era of rapid development of high-tech networks such as network, microelectronics, optoelectronics, and communications. With the development of information technology and the entire information industry, the security system has gradually transitioned from the original analog products to digital, networked, and intelligent monitoring products. At the same time, the people’s living standards have improved, and the concept of safety precautions has become stronger and stronger. More and more families have installed fireproof and anti-theft devices such as magnetic door, infrared and smoke, and the realization of smart home security systems has become an inevitable trend.
People are increasingly concerned about the safety of their living and working areas. Traditional locks can no longer meet people’s needs, and smart locks are becoming more and more common in people’s lives.WAFU Wireless Security Invisible Keyless Entry Door Lock is a stealth remote control lock designed for home security. There is no keyhole outside, thieves can’t open it, support touch design, and the touch lock body can be locked in the room. Unlocked, superior design, made of high-quality zinc alloy, durable, stable performance, this device uses the US micro-core keelog rolling password as the working principle, it has more than one trillion cipher sets, so it is difficult to see through, in addition It can also remotely control the change of password. Once the remote is lost, you can immediately modify the remote control password and the lost remote is no longer valid. The unique lock body structure makes it have anti-interference, anti-external damage, and side disassembly functions. When the door is closed, the smart shutdown button can be directly activated, without having to find the remote control to close the remote control lock. With this lock, you don’t have to worry about security anymore.
If you go out often, and you always worry about the baggage password is not safe enough, or worry about home safety issues, this Smart Fingerprint Padlock Safe USB Charging is  suitable for you. The Fingerprint ID feature provides a secure and private way to unlock and authenticate. Your finger is your password, safe and reliable, and can support up to 10 fingerprint records. It is waterproof and dustproof,and suit for doors, backpacks, suitcases, warehouses, bicycles, cabinets and offices.

Few people know that the fingerprint puncher we use every day in the office is also a smart lock. Fingerprint smart lock remote control password access control system can be manually unlocked, manual, fingerprint, password, IC card, remote unlock, can save up to 1000 groups of user capacity, fingerprint and password unlock is most convenient, it can change the previous user’s tracking to any need New fingerprint. It can be used as an office fingerprint attendance machine or a password access lock with a mini USB flash drive to download Excel attendance reports and employee information. The most powerful is its intrusion prevention system. If the fingerprint or password is entered incorrectly 10 times, the system will lock for 5 minutes. It also provides an unlock record query that gives you the latest 10,000 unlock operation records. This lock is suitable for single/double open glass/wood doors with a thickness of less than 12 mm. Suitable for homes, offices, shops, hotels, cafes, apartments, restaurants, dormitories, etc.


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