The “Uncrowned King” of Xiaomi Power bank


The mobile power industry has always had a saying that there are only two types of charging treasures on the market, one is called Xiaomi charging treasure, and the other is called other charging treasure. It is enough to see the influence of the Xiaomi brand and word of mouth. Although Xiaomi is not the first company to become a power bank, nor is it a brand that started from power bank, but Xiaomi has indeed achieved its position as an industry leader with its high cost performance and excellent reputation.

This Xiaomi Wireless Charging Po Youth Edition has achieved such a large-scale status. It can be said that Xiaomi is the king of Charging Po, even if it is the “Uncrowned King”, we can also see the brand advantage of Xiaomi. This Charging Po has 10,000 The ultra-large capacity of milliamps supports 18w strong output, and the price-performance ratio is definitely not to be said. The driving force behind the scenes is Lei Jun. Many netizens have said that buying now is equivalent to investing. Configure more than most brands of charging treasures on the market.

Netizens are most concerned about the endurance of the product. After all, the biggest use of the power bank is its own battery life. Of course, the 10,000mAh of this Xiaomi power bank can be said to meet the needs of most netizens, while also supporting wireless The output, the maximum power can reach 18w, which has aroused the praise of many netizens.

At the same time, the Xiaomi wireless power bank also has a very simple operation for the method of using the product. It supports the design of charging and charging while charging, and can be charged wirelessly and wired at any time. The state of charge, whether it is charging or self-charging, can be done with just one line.

It can also support two devices to charge at the same time. At the same time, this Xiaomi power bank can also be safely carried on the plane. It adopts the Qi wireless standard, which has great compatibility. It can also be used by Apple Samsung phones. The design is lighter, more beautiful and more beautiful. It has a weight of 230g and has two colors of black and white. It is easy to use, faster to carry, and has a super-cool configuration. $ 32.14, use Xiaomi wireless charging treasure without power.

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