The most real Inception spinning top


As the Inception Movie aggressively, the main character of the film(DiCaprio plays Dom Cobb) use the spinning top to distinguish between reality and dream. This amazing gyro props sought after by others. Rotating it quietly, Inception spinning top can spin 2 minutes, if putting it on the smooth surface, it can be rotated more than 3 minutes! If on the cover of the book, it began to stabilize after 10 seconds, and perfectly still in 30 seconds, then is 1 minute stabilization period, at this time, you are the master of dreams, using your imagination to break the shackles of time, and beginning your dream Journey.

What is dream? What is reality? The Inception Film let us follow Cobb to be at a loss. In fact, we have been living in this layer of dream, which is called “reality “. The metal top of dream-or-real black box version, is made by Zinc alloy silver. From the outside, can be regarded as the most accurate or the most precise, the ratio of this spinning top is rigorous design to restore. And the surface have also been processed by the old manual, so the texture of the spinning top as presented in the film, and in the using process, the edges of the spinning top are polished naturally, then result the old sense of history which is close to the Inception spinning top.

This is not the official sale of peripheral products of The Inception film, this is a solid grounding in art,this Inception spinning top is the most real one, it is designed by enthusiasts which is the most accurate version of the ratio, compared with many versions of “legitimate official “, this is low-key but ” not fake “folk version, it is really worth collecting. As we know, the first entertainment project in China- Gyro, is also know as Tuo Luo, and called “dry music “by Taiwanese, the “ice Ga”or “playing the cow” by the North, and “KOMA” by Japanese, but it is called “spinning top” in English,

What’s different between the folk version and the official version?

·The ratio of the folk version spinning top are carefully designed to restore.
·Inception spinning top of the offical version is $20, but the folk version is only $5.39.
·Processed Of by the manual, and consistent with the true state of the movie.
·Stable black-box package, is in line with the temperament of Nolan film.
·The folk version is made by zinc alloy silver which is a non-porus material, so you will never have to worry about rust.

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