The history of kongming lock


kongming lock is a traditional Chinese intellectual toy, according to legend invented by the Three Kingdoms period, Zhuge Liang. The three-dimensional convex fight inserted inside the toy section (ie tenon joint structure) engaged, very clever. kongming Locks more toys, shape and internal structure vary, generally easy to dismantle hard to install. Assembly requires careful observation, careful thinking, analysis of its internal structure.(Classic Wooden Toys)

In the absence of a nail the rope, you can six wooden cross fixed together? Two thousand years ago, kongming invented a method in a way to bite the intersection of three vertical strips of wood fixed, this occlusion is widely used in the construction, civil people of this invention is made to the kongming a toy – kongming lock. Original for the wooden structure, the outside is the cube cross match exactly, brains can be disassembled, and put on is not so easy. Unlock the lock to reproduce the ancient wisdom of hindsight, do not let the wealth of the ancients left us in the hands of our generation lost. (Preschool Educational Toys)

kongming lock, according to legend the Three Kingdoms period of Zhuge Liang invented the principle of metaphysics according to gossip a toy, had been widely spread in the community. In recent years, they gradually get people’s attention, its relaxing, developing brain, nimble fingers are good, is the ages of recreational toys. kongming lock looks simple, but in the infinite mystery, but to no avail, it is difficult to complete mosaic

This is only one legend. Another legend is:
Legend craftsman Luban Lu Spring and Autumn Period in order to test whether the wise son, with six strips of wood can make a detachable toys to fight, called his son apart. Son of a busy night, and finally apart. This toy is called Ban to lock future generations. In fact, this is just a legend. It originated in ancient China’s first tenon joint construction of the structure. (Best Educational Toys for Kids)

Therefore, also known as Lo Pan kongming lock lock, do not sap, six sub-together party, Monet Ho, hard wood and other people.

kongming is now developing a wide range of locks, strong interoperability, no less than Rubik’s Cube as a traditional, Chinese-style puzzle game, it should be carried forward to the Chinese people, our school will be a period of time in the future to carry out appropriate activities and competition.Game is simple, all the students can not bring any props into the venue, and then randomly draw one of the same type of kongming complete 2 sets of locks. Mainly based on the time to complete assembly of the ranking score, the last set or two, or third prize winners.

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