The Crochet Sun Hat Pattern

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Summer has been long awaited and swiftly welcomed by most of us this year. For many regions of the US it seemed as though winter was taking its time saying goodnight. This collection of crochet sun hat patterns reminds me of how much I love summer! Gardening, cutting grass, going to the beach, hiking, outdoor events- they all call for a sun hat. Summer is filled with it.

Crochet you and your family a sun hat to help protect their skin and eyes from the harmful UV rays.

When crocheting a summer hat be sure to take into consideration the time of year you expect to wear it. If it is in the heat of the middle of summer, such as September, then choose a crochet pattern that has large open stitches on the sides like the Floppy Sun Hat or The Sun Hat for Mom. This will give your wearer some breathing room and will prevent over-sweating and over-heating. However, keep the top of the hat with tight stitches so you can protect the scalp from being burned.

Crocheting for the cooler months when you still spend time outdoors, like October and November, may be a good time to choose a crochet pattern that will keep the head warm while still providing a brimmed edging to protect against the sun’s glare.

Bookmark or Pinterest Pin this variety of free sun hat crochet patterns and you will be good all year round!

3 thoughts on “The Crochet Sun Hat Pattern

  1. Everything was perfect except the size. They dont fit me because they are a smaller size than the one I ordered. My size in Argentina is forty… you sent me size thirty eight. I dont know whether it was my mistake when ordering or yours.

    1. There is a measurement chart on the product page. Pls check it out whether it is the same with yours in Argentina.

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