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General surveillance cameras are BNC connectors, which need to increase the video capture card to connect with the computer, but this surveillance camera can be directly connects with the computer USB port, can implement at monitoring real-time viewing, and this camera does not need another power supply and capture card, plug and play is its highlights, very convenient. It is suitable for a small area in the family, shops, supermarkets and other places, and monitoring within a distance of 10 meters, a computer (or laptop) without having to add other devices, it can access a number of surveillance cameras.

Product Features:

1、Plug and play, no capture card, without the power, can support for laptop computers;
2、P2P client software supported, no user limitation integrated management, convenient remote monitoring;
3、Built-in IR Cut, filter switch automatically, without color cast;
4、Support 10 visitors at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: USB surveillance camera is the same as ordinary computer camera?

Answer: The working principle is the same, both are based on an ordinary computer USB2.0 interface, both are CMOS imaging technology. But with an ordinary computer camera, the USD surveillance camera use the chip more processing power to process images, it can basically meet the requirements such as real-time, resolution, sharpness, and back-light imaging performance and other the surveillance of industry.

Question 2: Why has no one to use this technology in the security monitoring in the past? Is this the technical defects?

Answer: 1, In recent years, CMOS technology is leaps and bounds, can compete with CCD in the high-end products, or even high-end product also use the CMOS technology, so CMOS fully competent in the field of civilian-grade video surveillance; 2,the transmission distance of the USB2.0 can reach 150 meters (subject to the Company’s equipment)in current, this distance is basically meet the needs of small monitoring sites. These two technological innovations make the USB interface surveillance cameras to be an unprecedented development.

Nowadays, the plug & play camera is more and more popular, has been widely used in baby/pet care, warehouse monitoring, traffic monitoring and many other scenarios. With the help of this IP camera, you can access monitoring data anytime, anywhere, can control the camera remotely, so good so convenient, get one from the following link, more surprise waiting for you.

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