The World’s Smallest Surveillance Camera

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Maybe you have one or more security cameras for home or office, today I will show you a mini power camera. It is the world’s smallest surveillance camera, which has built-in wifi, Ai-ball allows you to view and record audio and video wirelessly on your PC or smartphone.

Direct phone model, it is our mobile phones as long as with WIFI, can be used to find hotspot wireless IP camera, you can directly see images of the network camera, don’t need a router, the same computer with a WIFI network card, also can direct, don’t need a router.

Router model: network cameras connected to the router, the mobile phone, or a computer through a router, access the camera, this model, can support remote access, and no more common network machine.

Mini-size and lightweight, so you can easily carry the camera around for recording, also can use a standard web browser to connect to the camera to view the record or take snapshots. If you want to use the Ai-ball camera on your iPhone Ipad Android, you need to have a wifi interface for Ad-hoc and web browsers. But you can also connect this camera to your wireless router using its infrastructure mode, to stream or record videos from a remote location – for example, you can view & record your home while you are overseas, stream or record your office while you are at home. But if you want to take a photo or record the audio & video through PC or smartphone. You need to install the software JAVA JDK1.5 (or above).

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