Locate without being Visble with Spy Sunglasses


Spy sunglasses have elegant and sleek design and these sunglasses are suitable for men and women at the same time. You can have the feature of real time recording in these sunglasses. This is must equipment and it is highly recommended for journalists, travelers, traffic police and students etc. these sunglasses are really cool and fashionable. There is mp3, spy recorder and camera included in these sunglasses. You can be able to enjoy music, sunshine, photography, video recording and many more things by wearing these sunglasses. There are many salient features included in these sunglasses. These elegant sunglasses have ergonomic design which is comfortable in wearing. There is support for different music formats like MP3, WMA, WAV etc.

The small camera used in these spy sunglasses hidden and it provides easy operation through microswitch controls. You can have the video recording of 2 hours continuously and this sunglasses recorder can work continuously for six hours. The music playing is also for continuous six hours if it is fully recharged. The Polaroid Lens used in these sunglasses are of high quality from brand makers. These lens have different features like shockproof and anti UV. You can have clear and great natural vision in these lenses. The operations of these sunglasses are user friendly which can be controlled easily through buttons. There are extended memory slots used in these sunglasses for Micro SD and TF cards. These sunglasses can be connected to the computers and laptops very easily and there is no need to install any driver.

This sunglass MP3 can provide support up to 8GBTF memory. These sunglasses are available in black colors. There is support for USB 2.0 in these glasses. The operating systems required for these sunglasses include Windows 98, Windows ME, XP, 2000 and Windows Vista. The recording speed of this mp3 is up 700 kbs and its writing speed is 500 kbs. This mp3 player has the recording speed of 25 to 30 fbs. 400 mAh battery is used in this sunglasses recorder. The headphone output power is 5MW for audio frequency and its maximum input voltage is 5VDc. These sunglasses are available in different styles and designs. The net weight of these sunglasses is 50 grams.

The dimensions of these spy sunglasses are 192 x 76 x 87 mm. you can have great experience of recording, music and photographing with these elegant sunglasses. You can listen to music for six hours continuously if battery is fully recharged. You can also have greater view of surrounding with elegant and great looking lenses used in these sunglasses. These sunglasses can prove to be great multi media for you. Different kids of users can use these sunglasses. It is really nice to have these sunglasses if you spend most of your time outdoors. These sunglasses can be used by students as well as by the professionals. The ergonomic design of these sunglasses is made ergonomically. You can have the memory extension feature in these sunglasses as well.

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