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This spy clock is used for multi purposes because of its functionality. Apparently it is an alarm clock but actually it is not a simple clock. There are plenty of things added in it. It can be used as webcam, spy monitor and video recorder at the same time. There are so many exciting features included in this clock. You can have 12 hours as well as 24 hours time format in this clock. There are different sounds for the alarm for you to choose. The different alarming sounds include cock crowing, beep and five sweet songs. The alarming times of this clock can reach at six at the most. The chime time interval in this clock is ten minutes. There is lazy mode included in this clock as well.

The hour is stricken by voice in this spy or DVR clock. The operating of this clock is very simple and you can be able to operate it very easily. The backlight of this clock is blue which can be turned on pressing LIGHT. The alarming time can be set by pressing SET twice and then pressing HR and MIN to set the alarm time. You can be able to make video with the help of camera used in this clock. You can make video over 12 hours continuously in this camera while sound recording is 25 hours continuously. The moving object can be detected automatically and then video can be captured at any time.

The camera function is started automatically in this spy camera when any object is in camera range of movement. You can be able to record every step of the moving object. The machine will be turned off automatically when objects go out of the range of the camera. The video is saved to the disk space automatically. The video recording can be started by inserting TF card on the right by opening the twist off cap. The remote control can be used to press POWER KEY at receiving head of machine. The video making can be starting by pressing ‘video key’. The blue backlight will turn off automatically showing its working status. This process can be stopped by pressing ‘video key’ again.

The sound recording can be started by pressing ‘sound key’. The VGA resolution of this spy clock is 640 x 480. The visual angle is 72 degrees. The net weight of this unit is 82g. This clock is normally available sliver and blue color. These clocks are available in elegant and stylish designs. The dimensions of these clocks are 110 x 60 x 35 mm. This clock can be connected with the computer easily with the help of USB. The CD of software is provided with the package. It is a small digital clock containing video camera. You can also use this camera as webcam by connecting it to your computer. The video stored on its memory can be downloaded to the computer by connecting with USB.

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