Wonderful Sport Games in Tomtop


Shenzhen Tomtop Technology Limited held the Workers’ Sport Games in its company in August 3, 2010. The games were held to enrich workers’ lives, enhance their physical diathesis, and create pleasant working environment.

The sport games were named The Fun Sport Games, and all the items in the games were quite familiar to us, which we had played in our childhood. The sport games included the shuttlecock kicking, rope skipping, throwing darts, doing push-ups, playing Hula circle etc. All the staffs participated them actively, so did the learders of our company. Especially our Chiefman Liao enrolled himself in them with great passion and enthusiasm.

To be honest, to be winner.

Never give up. Strive for the goal.

See how the cowboy play the shuttlecock kicking

The girls’ talent

Get a hot figure by rotating the hula hoop around the body

Running neck and neck

Challenge the limit and exceed oneself — Nothing is impossible!

To persevere means victory! Keep it up!

 Get the upper hand without difficulty

 Ready and Able

I’m not less capable in rope skipping.

Am I energetic and handsome?

Show myself on my own stage

The example of us

I’m confident, I’m sucessful!

Though it’s tired, I’m delightful.

In this games, various sports were recommended and the awards for the winners were quite appealing. The champion and the runner-up could get precious digital cameras, meanwhile the third- place holder would be also awarded a fashional MP3. What’s more, many competiters fought so hard that they finally got not just one award but three or more.

I can because I have youth.

She is not only pretty, but also capable.

I’m quite happy to share my honour with you.

I have never got such pleasure.

To award the prize to our chairman liao is my honour.

Though we are new here, we join in the staff quickly.

I’m excited with my prize.

Women are as capable as men are.

The sport games were to end completely. All the staffs in the company had a good time in the games. The company promised that they would organize more activities to enrich their workers’ lives.

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