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Speed ​​up for your WIFI only needs him. Dilute AC2411 repeater experience

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Many families do not consider the location of fiber-to-the-home and routing when the house is being renovated. There are many WIFI corners in the house. Maybe your phone can find weak WIFI signal in the bathroom in the balcony, but the network is only pitiful. How many K, how can you meet your super god, spike speed? If you add a Wireless-N Wifi Repeater effect on some network dead ends, it will be completely different. Xiaobian today will let you experience the new AC2411 intelligent repeater from JCG.

The sleek and silky is not just “chocolate”, but also the thin AC2411

The products launched by JEAN are available in N2410 and AC2411. The N2410 is 2.4G frequency, 300M, and the AC2411 is 2.4G and 5G dual frequency, 1200M. When you use it, you can use it according to the support of the home device. Nowadays, many Internet devices do not support 5G frequency, so you have to check the home Internet device to decide which amplifier to use.

N2410 and AC2411 are black and white. This time, the two amplifiers of Jieji have many changes with the previous products. This time, the two network ports of the previous amplifier products were removed. The overall feel of the amplifier is lighter and thinner, and the arc of the four corners has also increased a lot. It looks like a silky “soap”.

C2411 The overall white appearance is made of matte material on the front, and it looks far away from the skin. There is no wallpaper in the house, and friends who decorate the white wall are hard to choose the color when purchasing the furniture. The appearance of the AC2411 white plug is not affected by the appearance of the socket at any position, but it is more beautiful.

The AC2411 has a large vertical space between the vents and the vents. It also has a venting hole that occupies half of the back. It does not need to consider the AC2411’s long-term heat dissipation.

A little white that can be played in a small white

The AC2411 can be completed in 10 seconds from configuration to use. If you are using a router that is under the Jaguar brand, then you are blessed. The AC2411 supports automatic networking. It can be used within 1 meter without any configuration. . Even if the router’s WIFI password is changed, the AC2411 will automatically update the current configuration for automatic Networking. Is it a “small white” that can be played by “Little White”?

The JWA-AC2411M eliminates the configuration of the network port of the previous thin-amplifier product in the configuration, but there is room for a lot of appearance in the appearance, and it is smooth and silky. The white matte design adds a tactile comfort experience to the visual aesthetic. The high distribution of 1200M has achieved a lot of router level configuration. While amplifying WIFI, it can better guarantee the speed of network transmission. The entire configuration process is streamlined and efficient, and the white that has not used the amplifier before can be easily handled.

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