Solution For some Common Problems of Tablet PC


1 Can not connect WiFi

First of all, make sure the Airplane Mode is off, WiFi Mode is chosen, and the SSID and password are correct.

If the signal is good, the password is correct, the connection is normal, but still no Internet access, this is usually because the wireless router settings are incorrect.

The solution is to modify the router settings: Open the PC browser after landing router settings page successfully, find the DHCP option, choose the Enable DHCP service and set the DHCP allocation range, and then cancel the flat static IP settings of WiFi settings (this is when the mode automatically obtain an IP). Turn off WiFi settings, and then re-open and connected WiFi.

If the method above can not solve the problem, try to set a static IP,

steps: Setting – Wireless & Networks – WiFi Settings – Menu – Advanced – Tick IP Use static IP – enter the corresponding IP address, gateway, DNS1, Netmask.

2 How to connect the wired network

Our existing plates, C1212, C1208, C1209, C1210 series, C1264X1, C1270X1 support wired network connections.

Steps: connect the network cable – Setting – wired Ethernet (C1212) / Ethernet Configuration (C1210 series) – Check the DHCP (C1212) / Check Ethernet (C1210 series), which is automatically obtain an IP model. To set a static IP, just check the static IP (Use Static IP), then enter the corresponding IP address, gateway, subnet mask and domain name.

Note: The panel only itself with a “dial-up settings (Pppoe settings)” option that you can enter a user name and password for dial-up. The panel without this option, to connect to wired networks, must be in the LAN, can not directly dial-up Internet access, and you need to turn off WiFi before use.

3 Whether can download and install their own native client Market

After testing C1212, C1208, several versions can be installed but can not be used since they are not compatible. (I will notify you once we get one). Generally installing native markets in the Tablet PC using third party electronic markets, will not affect the flat comes with its own electronic market. C1210 used to replace the native e-upgrade market, but replacing electronics market will slow down the reaction speed, loading time becomes longer, the operation to restore the factory settings, you can restore the factory when the machine comes with the Market version.

4, About Skype & MSN

In general, Andrews 2.2 above systems can support using skype and MSN for text chat, and 2.3 above system can support skype video call. But there are special circumstances, such as C1212, Andrews 2.2 system, I tried four different versions of skype, can be installed, but can not be used. Still C1321, 2.3 system, but because it is a phone-based tablet, the skype can be installed, but is found that no video chat setup options, that means no Skype video call feature.

5, GPS

GPS can not be used in three cases, not be located, satellite can not be found, positioning is not accurate.

If you open the GPS and then in the open space, there’s satellite information but still can not be located in ten minutes, then it’s the reason that GPS signal reception is poor. To simplify, the performance of GPS is not in the place or broken. If you can not search satellite or it’s too slow, you can change the time and place to try again. The GPS can not be determined good or bad in one or two days, since the satellite state is different every day. Even in the same place the signal is full in the morning but not so good at night; positioning errors which are affected by weather are allowed in the 100 meters, the U.S. GPS policy and many other factors, sometimes even more. If the map indicates the location is not very accurate on the road, probably due to delays caused by bad signal caused by error, map data may also be the occasional error, is also possible that the road is wide, so it looks like a GPS offset the road.

These factors as below will affect positioning: GPS module, environmental issue, high-rise buildings and other obstacles etc.

Except GPS module, it also needs to install the GPS driver (such as Kay), the map packs.

6, on the TF card

TF card is an external memory card and the full name is TransFlash, also called the Micro SD card. General mobile phones, flat, portable music players and other devices will have a TF card slot, can insert the TF card directly. But the mainstream desktop, notebook, etc. has no TF card slot, you need to use SD card converter or TF card of USB type reader to read and write data.

Tablet PC does not recognize TF card, usually for several reasons as below: 1.TF card does not put in the right place; 2.TF card types are not compatible; 3.TF card is broken; 4 flat TF card reader slot is broken. If you put the TF card to the slot correctly but can not be recognized, you can try a different brand of card to test.(I used to meet this situation when I tested the machine. It’s OK for me to try a new different brand of card).

7 Game

There are many Andrew system softwares for the game. Not every game can be tried to evry tablet. But the fruit ninja and angry birds are both supported by our plate. Especially fruit ninja is used when test the touch points. Both are popular games, and available to download and install through the Market comes with the flat (native, non-native can search). In addition, It is easy to find since there are a lot of Apk resources of these two games online.

8 The tablet can not boot

The tablet does not boot because it may be out of battery. Reaction from some customers that even if it is charged for a long time, and confirm it’s the correct charging, but still can not boot. This situation is likely to be the quality problems as below: 1 The charger is bad or broken; 2 The switch on/off button is broken; 3 The battery is broken.

9, the battery can not be charged

It is likely to be the charger is not plugged well (the outlet plugged or flat end of the power connector is not in place); charger bad or entirely bad; battery is broken. Also, do not rule out the possibility of mistaken power interface (such as the headphone jack wrong when the power hole).

10 The speaker did not sound, but headphones can be plugged

Vibration during transportation may make the horn pad off and led to this situation; also it’s possible for the flat-panel speaker driver problems.

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