Basic Knowledge Of Sexy Lingerie


Since the day that sexy lingerie become available in the market, most people always consider it as perverse, erotic, and give a despise eye. Only a few open-minded young people have begun to accept and enjoy it. What kind of impact does it bring to our lives? Different people have different views. In fact, it it is only derivative lingerie, sexy lingerie, it is the “sexy” amplification technology.

Generally, sexy lingeries pay much attention to the stylish pattern, design bold, tight, translucent material, lace trim, garters and other elastic properties can greatly enhance the sexual pleasure between husband and wife, so the relationship between husband and wife is more harmony. The hottest sexy lingeries in the market, with silk fabric production, graceful style, rich in bright colors, fine workmanship, unique, do have input on some fun. There are several types of sexy lingeries you may be interested in purchasing.

Sexy Lingeries


If you want to show off your breasts, bras are not only extremely sexy lingerie, but they’re one of the most common types of women’s lingerie. The open bra fits like a normal bra, but leaves the nipple exposed. The balconette provides very little coverage, but does provide drastic lift. The demi-bra covers approximately half the breast and provides extra lift. The shelf bra provides no support and leaves the nipples exposed.

The corset is both sexy and incredibly popular. It covers the breasts and extends to slightly below the waist. The corset is a great way to add shape or accent curves. Most come with matching garters and stockings for a complete outfit. Give your breasts a little added power with a push up or plunge bra. Both provide extra cleavage and provide extra padding.

Sexy Baby-dolls

The first and mostly used type of sexy lingerie is baby-doll. Baby-dolls are similar to the night gowns; however, tend to be shorter and more revealing. Many baby-dolls reveal certain parts of your body to draw the attention of your partner. Baby-dolls come in many different fabrics and styles to fit every taste. They often come with matching briefs and are designed to be used only with panties.

The Sensual Teddie

Another type of sexy lingerie you may want to buy is Teddie. They are loose fitting and are designed to attract your man’s attention. They are sometimes worn to bed and sometimes used as a surprise under clothes. They are designed to be removed easily.


While the back of a thong has very minimal coverage with a narrow strip a g-string offers you no coverage, with a simple single strand or string, usually 1/8” or less in width, not for the faint of heart. Variants of the thong or G-string include the V-string, a thong with a triangle “v” of cloth with the G-string between the legs, and the T-string, where a single string passes around the waist and between the legs, forming a T between the buttocks

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